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John Massey’s release was long overdue

24 May, 2018

John Massey

• THE release from prison of John Massey is long overdue – 23 years, (He’s served his time…, May 17). But it is good he is now free, thanks to people like your reporter Dan Carrier.

Now John Massey committed a terrible crime and I am sure now he must have great regrets for what he did and I am sure now he will be grateful to be free and will make up for lost time and do good work helping people, the homeless etc.

He will be poor himself, but I am sure he will have skills that he can put to use to help others. I do believe if he was not a working-class Catholic from rural Ireland he may not have spent so long in prison. And where were all those who shout from the hill-tops when an issue suits them?

It is good that there was someone at the bottom of the hill working away quietly to get John Massey released. There should have been compassion shown when his late mother, father, and brother, RIP, died.

I am sure John Massey will have many regrets of that event, in particular the family of the victim left behind, and their sadness. We need more people like Dan Carrier to fight for people who have no voice.



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