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The Boris buses have left a lasting legacy

28 June, 2019

• AS an ex-London bus driver I think the writer of the letter urging the Mayor of London to save the C11 bus is wasting his time, (Give us back the C11 bus service please, Sadiq Khan, June 20).

I used to drive a number 73 or 253, which both were transferred to the so-called Boris bus. Our passenger numbers dropped, not through lack of use, but due to passengers not paying.

The 73 was curtailed due to this supposed reduction from Victoria to Oxford Circus, John Lewis. I wrote numerous emails to Transport for London explaining that the drop in passengers was down to this but was told I was wrong.

After at least four years I now hear that on the Boris bus the back door and staircase will be sealed and the Oyster readers removed at the back and centre doors so being, in effect, converted to a standard bus.

This loss of revenue has led to quite a lot of routes being curtailed or cut, the 10 and 48 routes being two of the routes cut and they were both Boris buses too.

Sadiq Khan may not be everyone’s cup of tea but our next prime minister and ex-London mayor is responsible for a lot of the problems Sadiq is having to deal with but Boris Johnson has walked away without any stain on his mayoralty.

Lyme Street, NW1


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