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Killer Kate: gore blimey!

22 August, 2019 — By Dan Carrier

Alexandra Feld in Killer Kate

Directed by Elliot Feld
Certificate 15

AH, the comedy horror genre: a well-trodden path that doesn’t yet seem to be worn out.

From cult hits such as Alexis Chandon’s Bad Karma (if you’ve not seen it, check it out on YouTube) to mainstream stuff such as Shaun Of The Dead, mixing up jokes and laughs with blood-splattered gorefests is hardly a new idea.

So what does a director have to do to make their work stand out?

Elliot Feld’s stupid, cheesy but somehow enjoyable Killer Kate could act as a template for those aspiring to blend giggles with gruesomeness: it is done with some panache, a lot of silliness and some strong performances.

Kate (Alexandra Feld) is estranged form her younger sister Angie (Danielle Burgess), apparently because the little sibling has not helped out with their ailing father.

But when Angie announces she is getting married, and having a hen do, Kate is bullied into going. It could be the perfect opportunity to do some bonding… except, of course, some nasty stuff is about to happen. The sisters and two of Angie’s friends hire a remote home in the LA hills for the weekend – and you don’t need a PhD in film scripts to know what might happen next.

A family of blood-lusting murderers have designs on causing mayhem and the hen do finds itself under siege. Sit back, buckle up and get ready to avert your eyes.

As with so many horror comedies, a low budget adds to the “fun” – gory deaths are not quite so shocking when the actors give it the full nine yards while a baseball bat is taken to a head with drama club special effects. But perhaps the best element of the film is the complete ineptitude of the seemingly motiveless baddies.

Bad taste yes, but not bad movie-making.


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