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Kit-and-run: Teddy’s owner is left facing a £3,500 vet’s bill

Cat used to belong to woman who transformed West Hampstead Nature Reserve

22 May, 2019 — By Tom Foot

A FAMILY are fundraising for a cat once owned by a popular community campaigner after its back was broken in a suspected hit-and-run.

Teddy has been left with severe injuries following a collision at the Fordwych Road junction with Minster Road, West Hampstead, on Friday.

He used to be owned by Jane Evans, who was well known in the area for founding a nature reserve that is named after her in Minster Road before she died two years ago.

Described as “a sweet, talkative joy of a cat” who “delights passers-by” and “is beloved by the neighbourhood”, Teddy’s new owners say he required “very expensive surgery” costing £3,500.

Henry Teitelbaum, in a web appeal, said: “His gentle left forepaw was bandaged with a needle piercing through the gauze; his beautiful green eyes dilated due to the painkillers on drip-feed into him. But he was aware of our presence – his breathing slowed noticeably and he managed to generate his gentle purr, transporting us to a happier time together as a family, sitting on the couch at home in complete serenity.”

Jane Evans and, below, the nature reserve which was named after her

Mr Teitelbaum’s daughter Marielena, 16, added: “There were two witnesses and both said the driver didn’t stop, and just drove away.”

The former Minster Road Nature Reserve, in West Hampstead, was renamed Jane Evans Nature Reserve in front of a large crowd of friends and family at an event last year. Ms Evans, who was 62 when she died, had campaigned to restore the unused land next to the Thameslink railway tracks.

More than £800 of the £3,500 target has already been raised to pay for Teddy’s surgery.

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