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Know your Employer Workwear Responsibilities

31 January, 2020

Employer Safety Workwear Responsibilities
Employers have certain responsibilities towards their employees. Health and safety is a main priority.
This often takes the form of supplying suitable work clothing. This includes uniforms and safety workwear.
Should the latter be necessary, it will be driven by the appropriate risk assessment.

Should your risk assessment identify necessary workwear, it is a good idea to approach a reputable supplier to source it. You will be able to check kite marks and order good quality workwear clothing.
Safety workwear is an investment. Finding good workwear for men and women that will last and offer the right protection can be challenging. As such, many opt for engelbert strauss. They offer a collection of safety wear for all areas and are a good place for sourcing safety workwear.

Rights of Employees
Every one of your employees has the right to be protected as far as possible in the course of doing their jobs.
This involves having a robust health and safety policy, requiring safe working procedures and updated risk assessments to identify risks.

Other rights include the following:
• All safety work clothes for men and women should be provided free of charge.
• Your employees have a right to leave an area and stop work if they feel the situation is unsafe.
• You do not, as an employer, have a right to discipline them for this action.
• Not listening to employee safety concerns, can lead to complaints to the appropriate authority.
• Your employees have the right to take breaks during the working day and to take time off during the working week.

Risk Assessments
As well as identifying what safety workwear is needed, risk assessments highlight what clothing is unsuitable for the job. While operating certain types of machinery, it may be inappropriate to wear jewellery. Hair, too, can be a problem in this regard if a risk of trapping or snagging exists.

The above-mentioned points need to be highlighted in the risk assessment. Safety workwear can only go so far, and other measures should be introduced to protect employees.

Work Wear for Men and Women
Workwear may not be health and safety-related but may be required for branding purposes, and or the work environment may demand it. Teams working in warehouses, for example, may need work clothing to protect their own clothes.

Again, assessing the situation and decide accordingly is a key component in employee safety. It should be ensured company processes are compliant with all regulations.

Fines and Penalties
If you fail to supply safety workwear for employees and an accident occurs, employers may be liable for injuries incurred. This not only damages morale and productivity, but it also damages your brand and business reputation.

Ensure you supply appropriate work clothing for your staff and keep your business running smoothly. Employees will be grateful for a safe working environment, business and work moral will improve and fines and penalties can be avoided. [This image cannot be displayed.]


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