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Labour against the witchhunt

17 April, 2020 — By John Gulliver

Sir Keir Starmer

A SPECIAL report into the handling of complaints by Labour Party officials has been leaked – and the current hierarchy is worried.

Party leader Sir Keir Starmer says he wants an investigation into how the leak came about – the predictable and conventional reaction of a parliamentarian.

He should be more concerned about what the leak reveals not how it became public.

Quotes that have appeared in the press suggest some party officials plotted against Jeremy Corbyn and smeared him. A shadow now hangs over accusations of anti-semitism in party ranks.

In Hampstead a party member, Moshe Machover, a respected public intellectual in his 80s, fell foul of spreading anti-Semitism and was suspended – but such was the outcry that he was reinstated.

I have known Labour Party members for decades and have never met anti-Semitism.

I always felt something fishy was going on. But then I have always been an outsider.


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