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Bloomsbury: Labour hold all three seats

Conservatives well behind in second place

04 May, 2018

Re-elected: Rishi Madlani, Sabrina Francis and Adam Harrison 

LABOUR claimed a clean sweep of seats in Bloomsbury as Sabrina Francis, Adam Harrison and Rishi Madlani were all elected for another term.

Ahead of the results, Cllr Madlani had warned that Bloomsbury remained something of a battleground for Labour, who were keen to push the Conservatives further into second place. In the end, their nearest rival was more than 600 votes behind.

He said: “We had to work hard and we don’t take anything for granted. Bloomsbury has long been a Conservative target, but we’ve sent them the message that it’s time to go and target somewhere else.”

Shahin Ahmed CONSERVATIVE 334
Aimery De Malet Roquefort LIB DEM 242
Sabrina Francis LABOUR 983
Adam Harrison LABOUR 1045
Jane Headland LIB DEM 254
Juan Jimenez GREEN 183
Rishi Madlani LABOUR 931
Abdul Malique CONSERVATIVE 330
Robert McCracken GREEN 188
Jane-Eve Straughton GREEN 226
Paul Tavares CONSERVATIVE 362
Martin Wright LIB DEM 191


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