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Labour is acting in best interests of the nation

05 September, 2019

Houses of Parliament

• BORIS Johnson’s decision to prorogue Parliament and force a no-deal demonstrates his recklessness with the livelihoods of people across our country.

No-deal will jeopardise the Northern Ireland peace process and undermine businesses.

Leaving on World Trade Organisation terms was ruled out by some of the most ardent Leave Campaigners during the referendum. It was not on our ballot papers and therefore those who voted to leave did not do so to trash our economy.

The Labour Party has been unequivocal that every avenue must be explored to avoid no-deal. That is why I was pleased to see Jeremy Corbyn lead discussions with other opposition parties to agree a legislative plan in Parliament.

It’s just a shame that the Lib Dems had to engage in desperate party politics beforehand. The country is desperately fractured and we have a matter of weeks to prevent the worst happening.

However this didn’t stop the Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson, who was more than happy to spend years as a Minister in coalition with the Conservatives.

Bedroom Tax? Sure. Tripling tuition fees? No problem. Working with Jeremy Corbyn to stop the hardest Brexit possible? Hang on a second!

Jeremy Corbyn is the Leader of the Opposition and therefore our best chance to prevent Boris Johnson from sending our country hurtling over the cliff edge.

It is unthinkable that some would choose to use this moment to quibble over political differences that are best fought elsewhere.

The risks at hand require a strong unity of purpose. I am delighted that Labour is acting in the best interests of the many. In the crucial weeks ahead, I can only hope that the Liberal Democrats follow suit.

Vice-Chair (Campaigns)
Hampstead & Kilburn Labour Party


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