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Labour is simply going nowhere

09 September, 2021

• I LIKE to read your ongoing debate concerning what the Labour Party stands for (such as Dr Agnes Kory’s lead letter of September 2).

The grim fact is Labour, in comparison to the Conservatives, is very rarely in power and in the past relied heavily on Scotland and Wales, and the Irish in London for support. And now other minorities.

The “Celtic” support is much diminished. So no Labour in power since 2010 and a Conservative landslide in 2019. Labour is looking dysfunctional and has to find alternative funds not sourced from the unions.

And it has to choose candidates of modern economic thinking linked to climate change and challenging the nonsense that the UK is some super-power than can avoid friendly advice from our ally, the United States, that we belong with the European Union.

The current UK prime minister appears as a buffoon but he has some very focused ministers addressing the costs of a severely bruised NHS. Labour is simply going nowhere for now.

Asmara Road, NW2


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