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Lady Hale and the court’s judgment should have been no surprise

04 October, 2019

• I WAS astonished at the surprise of so many commentators on the 11-0 result of the proceedings in the Supreme Court when it was announced by Lady Hale.

The standard, basic, universal rallying cry in any labour dispute, historically, hinges on the chant “one out, all out”. Always has been always will be.

As the sole member of the court allowed to address the country Lady Hale must have been acutely conscious of this. And it came to pass that that is what happened.

But the toxicity was at a lower level than had been predicted in the event of a split vote. Duly and sharply aware of that, the Lady dug deep and made a very clear statement without doing so in any of her vocalised sentences.

She made a glorious, incisive, statement which is sublimely in tune with the most dangerous and shrill warnings which are daily put forward by those warning of the ineluctable destruction which is facing the world just now.

The awful consequences were signalled by her in a stylish manner. Her sole piece of jewellery comprised a brooch of a spider.

That choice clearly served as a reminder that, unless massive, global initiatives are implemented, then the planet will drift into being a place inhabited only by arachnids and other such forms of life.



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