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Leaver Cllr Robinson owes us an apology

05 September, 2019

Cllr Roger Robinson

• I AM reminded of Cllr Roger Robinson’s letter to your paper in 2016 along with two of his colleagues, supporting the case for leaving the EU.

I thought then how misguided he was as he presides over the St Pancras and Somers Town ward whose young people could benefit so greatly from the easy access they have to Europe.

Also on his patch the Crick Institute, working hard to improve the health of this nation, is now fearful of losing European scientists and EU finance.

Ironically Somers Town has some of the poorest health in the UK yet Mr Robinson feels such an institution is expendable apparently?

Now that we are facing a no-deal Brexit with attendant chaos, I suggest Mr Robinson writes again to your paper, this time with an apology?

I look forward to Somers Town being led by people who abandon protectionist attitudes and seek more dynamic ways to combat the onslaught of private developers locally and the worst of Camden Council’s ambitions also.



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