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Lessons can be drawn from the ‘u-turn’ on fracking

07 November, 2019

• ON November 2 the headlines on the front page of most national newspapers were: Boris Johnson to ban fracking. Great praise was lavished on Johnson and the press said this proved his green credentials.

The truth is very different. The Tories, and those newspapers that so avidly support them, have supported fracking since the very start, and have consistently condemned and demonised anti-fracking activists.

But their case for fracking has been seriously undermined by “a damning report” produced on October 23 by the National Audit Office.

Many countries, and now Scotland, have banned fracking. The Labour Party (and the Greens) have consistently opposed it, and have long been committed to banning it.

As Johnson has made a massive U-turn on fracking before the election there is no guarantee he won’t make another U-turn on this issue after the election.

With the Tories having made U-turn after U-turn on policies they held dear for nine years, all clearly as election bribes, and as the falsity of their pledge of an extra £1.8billion for the NHS shows, we cannot and must not trust the Tories.



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