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Let them rot in the restrictions when they grow older

07 January, 2021

‘Camden has turned a deaf ear to my generation and mobility group’

• LIVING on the Camden side of Covent Garden, we have always had to go outside our neighbourhood to do the family shop.

The nearest supermarket was always Camden Town’s Safeway / Morrisons, with a stop first on the high street for Lidl, Poundsaver, Argos, and the greengrocer’s stall.

No more. The West End Project has put Camden Town out of reach. It’s just too hard. Parking on the Camden High Street is now very limited.

I have a Blue Badge but the Transport for London camera only looks at the rear of the car and makes no allowance for the badge, which is on the dashboard.

Yes I can sometimes park on a side street but then have difficulty carrying the shopping bags and my walking stick.

And Morrisons! Shame on them. When a storm broke out on social media over Sainsbury’s Christmas ad, showing a black family daring to have a normal Christmas, the supermarkets joined together in support of Sainsbury’s.

All except Morrisons. When I wrote to them asking for an explanation, all I received was the standard “we’ll get back to you” letter, November 30.

But lo! The Old Kent Road appears like the City of Oz. I can drive to south London, formerly a mysterious place to pass through, and find superstores (Asda and Tesco, a large Lidl, a B&M) within each reach and with plenty of parking.

I won’t be around to smirk when today’s cyclists who run Camden highways and TfL are old people.

I used to cycle to work but Camden’s potholes put a stop to that; and I have been disabled for many years, dependent on my mobility scooter for local travel and my mobility car for longer distances.

In their road planning, Camden has turned a deaf ear to my generation and mobility group. Let them rot in the restrictions when they grow older.

Shelton Street, WC2


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