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Let’s encourage greater voter turnout

07 June, 2018

• REBECCA Shirazi can rest assured that as I’m a relative newcomer to Camden and its politics, the first I’d heard of her was her original letter, (An unconscious bias and/or institutionalised elitism, sexism, and racism must be playing a part in candidate selection, May 17). 

This (Sanjoy Sen’s previous letter) was in no sense a personal attack, (Labour should note that for many the days of voting according to skin colour are over, May 24).

Returning to the points she raised, I note a lack of engagement from all backgrounds, not just specific minorities: barely a third of the electorate turned out at last month’s council elections.

Falling voter numbers should be a concern to us all. So, far from attacking opponents, I’d be delighted to work with her in any cross-party initiatives to reach out to the electorate.

Conservative Party candidate, 2018
Kilburn ward



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