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Let’s get the facts and data on traffic matters

18 October, 2019

• AM I alone in despairing at the unsubstantiated assertions made regarding transport in Islington?

According to one correspondent (Think again on the ‘transport strategy’, October 4) ‘…the buses in Islington are constantly packed”.

I must say that this is not my experience but on these sorts of issues, decisions need to be based on hard data on the total passenger usage at various times of the day, rather than on the knee-jerk reaction of an individual passenger.

Similarly, with regard to Highbury Corner, I see very little relation between actual traffic flows and the supposed “chaos” brought about by the new traffic configuration, (How many people do we have to see knocked over? October 11).

The claim that the revised traffic flows generate “extra noise and fumes” can only be sustained with proper measurement. Much better that these correspondents put their efforts into lobbying Transport for London and the council to collect and publicise hard data on these factors.



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