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Let’s have a probe of the council decision-making on the Talacre development

14 August, 2020

The apartment building next to Talacre Park

• I WAS interested to see your piece on the flats in Kentish Town in front of Talacre sports centre, (Lawyers tell Town Hall: Forget £3million debt – it can’t be collected, August 6).

I was involved in the campaign against it in 2011 because my children did many activities at Talacre. It was always obvious to local people that the proposed development would have a negative impact on the area.

How such an oversized, overhanging, private, development got approved was shrouded in mystery. But many of the councillors who voted for it had already moved on even by 2011.

In my view an investigation should be undertaken into the council decision-making and what the developer might have offered to get it through.

Things got to a low point when Nick Harding – who is an actual local hero – was labelled “vexatious” by Camden Council for trying to hold the authority and developer to account.

The new road built for access is too narrow, dangerous, congested and – bizarrely considering it provides access to Camden’s outstanding Talacre sports centre – privatised.

I used to use the disabled parking bays before the development, as my son is a wheelchair user, but these are too difficult to access now.

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