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Let’s have more thank-yous for the work of volunteers

04 October, 2019

• WHAT a lovely letter of thanks from a “customer” of Queen’s Crescent Community Centre “for saving my life”, (How community centre has helped my recovery, September 26).

As a former chair of QCCA I know such letters mean a lot to both staff and unpaid trustees of voluntary organisations.

Some time ago Camden Council had regular “thank you” events and “certificates” for those, paid and unpaid, in the voluntary sector.

As chair of QCCA and Carlton School I attended a number of such events and noted that they were very much appreciated by those attending who felt that the council, officers and councillors, really appreciated their work.

Alas such events are a thing of the past and we rarely see any similar comments from councillors in your correspondence columns.

From my current experience, and from letters in the New Journal, the council it seems no longer appreciate (or indeed even acknowledge) its importance at a time of cuts to its budget.

To reinstate the “thank you” events would cost little. Readers will be aware of the, was it, £11k cost of the junketing at the recent “invitation-only” mayor-making ceremony.

We have some of the wealthiest multi-national organisations in the borough. Why not ask some of them to sponsor such events? In addition, the odd letter or two from a councillor would, I am certain, be much appreciated.



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