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Let’s hear from the cabinet members

14 August, 2020

• THE somewhat delayed ”selection” of Camden Council cabinet members is about to take place.

First, wannabes throw their hat into the ring naming their preference for a particular portfolio.

The Labour councillors then vote and the top nine are then given a portfolio by the newly-appointed council leader. This may or may not be according to preference.

Other party councillors, members of the Labour Party, or mere residents have no say in the matter.

It is unclear whether previous performance in a cabinet role is taken into account in appointments.

Over the past weeks, in the Letters pages, responses have been sought from current post-holders on this…

Cllr Richard Olszewski on the “missing” £10million from the council’s coffers (Some £40 for every resident of the borough); Cllr Danny Beales about the seven non-building sites in Gospel Oak; and Cllr Angela Mason about her handling of the proposals to close Carlton school and the nursery in Lismore Circus.

Add to this Cllr Jonathan Simpson’s reimposition of (half) rent on community centres even though they cannot open and thus have no income from hires.

So far no responses in the CNJ.

I assume that council officers have annual performance assessments and this may be related to future pay.

Readers will recall that the current cabinet members last year voted themselves a mouth-watering additional £10k increase to their “allowances”, bringing them up to over £40,000 per year.

I am sure all cabinet members will tell readers just how hard they work. However, should those they “serve” not have a say on their appointment, should not their performance be assessed and should they not respond publicly to concerns in the CNJ?

If I have got my facts wrong please can I be corrected.



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