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Let’s hear it for live music

14 February, 2020

• WHAT a great idea from Jill Furmanovsky, the legend of rock photography, to use the disused police station to house exhibitions taken from her voluminous archive, (Rock around the dock at ex-cop shop, January 30).

Her work is unique not only for her skill, but also the fact she has been doing this for years and really covers the whole history of rock and popular music. I’m sure this would be an international attraction and would bring revenue for the building.

It also does not have to be a permanent solution. A two- to three- year lease could be arranged. And the idea of a small live music venue in the building is also very appealing, in the era of declining opportunities for people to experience “real”(that is, live) music.

I really think this idea should be taken up. It would be a very special cultural contribution facilitated by Camden.

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