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Let’s just see ULEVs here, please

18 February, 2021

Open letter to Camden Planners 

• I AND my family live in Holly Lodge and are active users of Hampstead Heath.

On Monday I had the unfortunate experience of encountering a large sport utility vehicle on the portion of Millfield Lane adjacent to the ladies’ pond entrance.

Its big V8 was spewing exhaust fumes to the great discomfort of the many runners and walkers cowering on the sides of the small lane as it passed.

I asked the driver what he was doing on this road and he explained, “I live here, and am going to my house”.

I urge you to restrict traffic entirely on this section due to health and safety issues (disabled walkers may not be able safely to get out of the way of large vehicles).

If this is not possible for legal reasons, please consider making this section a ULEV, ultra-low emission vehicle, lane. As administrators of the lane on behalf of the public we believe this is well within your rights.



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