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Let’s look at the Conservatives’ record

28 November, 2019

• SO how have the Conservatives done so far for the British people?

They’ve created the need for vast numbers of food banks. A record amount of homeless people are on our streets, including army veterans and mentally ill people.

The NHS is at breaking point due to underfunding. No credible amount of social housing is being built – a few hundred built, but hundreds of thousands required.

Ordinary people and families are now priced out of buying or owning property and being forced into unprotected and high-priced rental accommodation. Most tenants are on rolling six-month lease agreements.

They’ve created a universal credit benefits system that is slashing or refusing or delaying payments to the most vulnerable people in society.

We have closures of special needs schools and units and thousands of children going to school hungry and/or without winter clothing.

Working people are not being paid enough to live on, with many requiring benefits or to use food banks.

The rise of the gig economy is allowing employers to take no responsibility for their workers, no holiday pay, no sickness cover, no job protection.

We have the most expensive and broken public transport system in Europe. And retirement age raised to 75 and the lowest pensions for the elderly in Europe.

And closure of fire stations and the slashing of firefighter numbers, the closure of police stations and slashing of police numbers.

There is chronic underfunding leading to a crumbling and fractured school system across the UK and poorly-maintained school facilities. Parents are asked to fund books and school supplies.

There are youth club closures and the slashing of youth worker numbers. And the collapse of protection for children in care.

Elderly people are being forced to sell their homes to pay for their care. Generally there are only private care homes now available. These charge more per day than the Ritz hotel. Across the country abuse of the elderly in these homes is reported monthly.

We have seen a massive rise in violent crime. And the outsourcing over £40million of public money to Facebook for various services (a company who have special tax arrangements to pay very little tax in the UK).

Those who destroyed our banking system are actually defended and protected – in some cases rewarded.

Most of our public services (electricity, water, transport etc) privatised, allowing foreign companies to permanently own UK infrastructure and take profits overseas. And all services’ prices rising year on year with attendant poor service and low value for money.

A large number of Conservative MPs are individuals who own companies, have shares in or are directly linked, as advisers to:

– private property developers who only build luxury accommodation;

– private health/hospital provision companies and service providers;

– fracking companies;

– armament companies;

– large pharmaceutical companies;

This is the Conservatives. Please vote for absolutely anyone else that’s a decent political party such as Labour, Liberal Democrats, Green Party, local independents, Monster Raving Loony Party.

Please – anyone else who is available. Anyone…

Agamemnon Road, NW6


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