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Let’s not throw away millions on an institution

09 February, 2018

The proposed Windsor Street building

• I’M also concerned about the level of misinformation relating to the council’s proposed development for Windsor Street (Housing that keeps our children close, February 2).

The application is for a “C2 residential institution”. Less than half the 1,180sq metre building will be given over to residential living areas.

The rest of it will be used for office spaces, reception areas, communal spaces, staff accommodation and a laundry.

This is not the home-like environment that the NHS and Care Quality Commission say would be of most benefit to people with learning disabilities.

We don’t need specialist housing blocks for these adults. We just need appropriately adapted ordinary houses combined with the right care.

The council has budgeted £57million to build 200 new homes by the end of this year.

We should be insisting that some of these homes should be used to accommodate adults with learning disabilities, so that these adults can live safely and independently in the community, close to their loved ones.

And so that they are better supported, better integrated and have a better quality of life than they ever would have in an institution like Windsor Street.

Let’s not waste over £4million on an institution that belongs in the past. Let’s work together and insist on better.

We’re happy to talk to the council and its advisors on how this could be best achieved, including a meeting with the letter’s authors at a proper consultation meeting for residents?

Popham 1 estate, N1


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