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Let’s see dogs made useful

19 November, 2020

Illustration by John Sadler

• THE furious rows and antagonism about cycle lanes, electric scooters, zebra crossings and new traffic regulations should be seen from the perspective of a revolution in urban travel, accelerated by Covid-19.

And revolutions traditionally provide an opportunity to suggest all sorts of seemingly nonsensical ideas that are ultimately accepted as common sense. It is in that context that I propose the revival of dog carts.

We say we love dogs and yet condemn them to lives of idleness broken only by brief (and for some of us inconvenient) periods of frantic tearing around retrieving slobbery balls.

How much happier the mutts would be pulling our children up Haverstock Hill to drop them off at school before returning home with our shopping order picked up from the local grocery hub.

For the less mobile or very elderly among us, the pooch would be loving company as well as a means of transport. And while faeces will be a bit of a problem, they will be easier to dispose of than the toxic fumes that wreck our children’s lives.



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