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Let’s take a new line on rail improvement

07 February, 2020

‘HS2 will still be in London’s Camden Town for the next 17 years’

• WE’RE told that building HS2 is the only way to increase rail capacity. Most people would prefer to use the money improving/upgrading all the existing lines, but it’s not possible to work on a railway that is working at full capacity 24/7, all year round.

However, The Great Central Railway, the most recent and best engineered of the Great Victorian Railways, was unwisely closed in the 1960s.

Since then it has been running steam trains for sightseers and waiting for work to begin unhindered 24/7 year-round to recommission, improve, and upgrade this line at cost saving of 99 per cent and a reduction in construction time of 30 years!

The Great Central Railway with its European-gauge track was built for 125mph trains. With longer trains and platforms it could be carrying passengers in five years. HS2 will still be in London’s Camden Town for the next 17 years. Birmingham etc is 35 years away!

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