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Let’s work together to fight homelessness – please donate to the C4WS charity

07 December, 2017

Cartoon: John Sadler 

• THE late Cardinal Basil Hume once said that he found it difficult to sleep easily when he knew that others were sleeping rough nearby.

Sadly the numbers of people sleeping rough have increased dramatically since Cardinal Hume died eight years ago.

Homeless people die 30 years younger than average and are more likely to fall victim to violent crime. Imagine what it must be like to be sleeping rough at this time of year just as many people are preparing to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones.

That is why I have been raising money for C4WS Homeless Project, which provides winter shelter for homeless people in churches; lunch clubs, advice and help on employment, language classes for those whose first language is other than English and a holistic approach to solving the problem of homelessness.

C4WS has helped to rebuild lives. The charity has only three paid employees but hundreds of volunteers. However like every charity it needs money to continue its work and I am asking your readers to donate what they can online at

Let’s work together to fight homelessness and change people’s lives for the better.

Mayor of Camden 2017-18


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