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Liberals are defenders of our individual rights

05 September, 2019

• KEITH Moffitt made a moving speech at Camden’s cross-party demonstrations against the shutdown of parliament this week.

Many gay people will recognise his description of the anxiousness and unease provoked by the rise of hard-right populism and intolerance.

Indeed, it is precisely this that has made Brexit such a personal issue for many of us (and, of course, those in Camden’s other minority communities).

The constitutional vandalism of the prorogation only adds fuel to the fire.

Our democratic institutions and respect for the rule of law have been the cornerstone of protection for minority groups for years. In Britain, there has always been the reassurance that individual rights will be upheld.

For the first time in my life, it feels like there is a real danger that the hard-won freedoms and protections won by liberals over many years could be under threat.

That’s why it is so important that we continue to protest and to say loudly and clearly that the events of this week are not normal, and not OK.

It’s also why we need to keep focused on the bigger picture. I welcome cross-party unity to defeat the shutdown and a catastrophic no-deal Brexit.

But there is no form of Brexit that will not be deeply damaging for our communities. Our overall goal must be stopping Brexit entirely.

Liberal Democrat councillor (2007-2014), Camden


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