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Listen to Prince of Wales Road residents, Camden

17 September, 2020

• I WROTE to you in early July addressing the concerns of a group of residents from Prince of Wales Road and our consternation at the scale and speed of roadworks that have significantly affected and altered the way we conduct our day-to-day routine.

These concerns remain, have yet to be addressed, and the overall situation is getting worse. As motor vehicle drivers we pay for road tax and for parking permits. The latter gives us the privilege to park our cars near our homes.

The sudden introduction of cycle lanes on Prince of Wales Road has all but made this privilege a nightmare scenario.

Residents fear moving their cars altogether as there is no guarantee of getting a space on return from what would have been a routine activity (grocery shopping, picking up the kids, coming back from work etc).

The lack of consultation in implementing this new measure is by far the most worrying aspect. This is a decision that has been forced upon us and with no adequate alternative provision of parking even mentioned.

This has come at a time when our right to organise, to appeal, to collectively voice our concerns has been greatly diminished by Covid-19.

No doubt this has made it easier for the council to act and implement without any real resistance. The only recourse we have now is through channels like your newspaper.

Rest assured we will continue to voice our concerns and we will continue to press for the chance to exercise our democratic rights in the decision-making process. A right that we were denied for reasons that are spurious at best.

None of us are against cycle lanes or cyclists or the wider message of leading a healthy lifestyle that is central in all this. However we believe this should be handled fairly and address the concerns of all affected.

We are all willing to participate to help everyone strike the right balance. But to ensure that we can get to this place, an earnest conversation needs to be had.

So, Camden Council, the residents of Prince of Wales Road say, can we start a conversation and can we get some level of rebalancing in all of this?

We have some good ideas, so hear us out. Please.



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