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Lola’s Cupcakes to move into former Colour Division shop in West Hampstead

New bakeries line up in West End Lane

13 February, 2017 — By Tom Foot

David Jacobs ran Colour Division for 42 years

A CUPCAKE chain is to move into a former print shop in West Hampstead.

Lola’s Cupcakes is in line to take over the former Colour Division shop in West End Lane. David Jacobs, who ran the print shop for 42 years, said last year that only coffee shops and hairdressers could survive in the changing neighbourhood.

“I remember when we opened up – people were like ‘blimey’. People didn’t know what a photocopier was,” he said.

“It was a revolution. We were like Apple then. There were queues 10 deep. Now the only retail that’s surviving is the stuff you can’t get online – haircuts and coffee. When I opened you couldn’t get a cup of tea in West Hampstead. They were the days when we had a rag and bone man. You went out and chucked your old stuff on the cart.”

Meanwhile, Wenzel’s bakery chain is also preparing to move into West End Lane, further up the road.

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