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Look at the data on infant mortality rates

14 February, 2020

• IN 2006 I purchased a three-year set (2003-2005) of Office for National Statistics VS4 data, which lists the numbers of births and deaths in every electoral ward level in England & Wales, and saw that wards exposed to incinerator emissions always had higher infant death rates and at least four London newspapers reported my research.

I later discovered that Dr William Brend, who was a barrister as well as a medically-qualified doctor, had shown a century earlier that poverty couldn’t be blamed for infant deaths and that air pollution must be the dominant causal factor.

The entire text of his Health and the State (1917) is online thanks to UCLA:

ONS data consistently show worsening of infant mortality rates (IMRs) in council areas exposed to incinerator emissions after such allegedly safe plants start operating and reductions in IMRs after major point-sources of toxic air pollution shut down.

Here in Shropshire, 2015 saw the closure of Ironbridge power station and the start of Veolia’s Shrewsbury incinerator. After 2015 Telford’s IMR rate fell while the rate in Shropshire unitary authority rose.

A consistent pattern is seen from ONS data showing sudden IMR rises after incinerators started in Basingstoke & Deane, Peterborough, Aylesford, Exeter, Plymouth, Runcorn, etc.



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