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Look beyond the Walk of Fame

13 December, 2019

• AS a twenty-plus-year resident of Camden why am I not surprised that, while its planners cheerfully wave through projects for billionaire developers (including the man who made his fortune from fixed-odds betting machines) our council is at one and the same time closing down schools and, excitingly, getting a former children’s poetry editor and an elderly trout farmer to open a “Music Walk of Fame”?

That would be the walk of fame that will no doubt include the tragically wasted life and talent of Amy Winehouse, whose problems with drugs are, we might think, already fully memorialised by the innumerable drug dealers that badger passers-by in Camden High Street to this day.

Or should we perhaps salute Camden’s cunning plan in originally masterminding a wildly hip youth Freedonia that now fuels madly desirable buy-to-leave apartment towers for international oligarchs?



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