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Look forward to a punch-up in parliament

04 October, 2019

• TENSION mounts as the runners and riders line up for the Brexit Stakes and it is hardly surprising, given latest policy announcements, that the young filly Rebel Alliance is looking decidedly skittish approaching the starting gate.

Tears of laughter literally rolled down my cheeks when I heard the Liberal Democrats’ plan for “unifying the country” involves telling 17.4 million people not to bother voting for them and promising to ignore them if they do. Shrewd!

The Let-Me-Be-Quite-Clear-About-This Labour Party has decided to hold another referendum with remain or remain on the ballot – before (or possibly after) a general election, but some of them have promised not to campaign either way but to respect the result, and some of them… er… haven’t. Yet others will let us know what they have decided when it’s all over. Great stuff guys!

And fortified by another viewing of Braveheart, the Scottish Nationalists will hurtle down the M1, wailing about independence for themselves while frantically trying to block it for anyone else. (If they are so set on leaving the UK why do they care whether the UK leaves the EU or not?

A neutral, I am greatly looking forward to the mother of all parliamentary punch-ups with the electorate: for sheer entertainment value it will be hard to beat.

Brewer Street, W1


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