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Look what’s happening with police resourcing in the borough

09 August, 2019

Labour councillor Awale Olad

• COUNCILLOR Awale Olad claims not to be asking for police officers to be taken from one part of the borough to another but that appears to be the underlying message that he is trying to get over, (‘Wealthy, sharp-elbowed’ residents in Hampstead get better response to crime concerns, councillor claims, July 25).

Moreover it is based upon a simplistic view of the borough – north, rich and well-resourced, and south, poor and badly-resourced. He only has to come to Kilburn and neighbouring wards or take on board statistics on these areas to realise the error of his ways.

For his information: as the borough commander stated, the only wards with enhanced neighbourhood police resources (that is, more than the basic minimum) are in the south of the borough.

Kilburn ward lost its enhanced status and its officers concentrating on Kilburn High Road because we were told the officers were needed south of Euston Road.

Rather than the belief that “things move northwards” in the borough, in terms of police resources things move southwards. Incidentally, the loss of these officers had led to a rise in drug-related incidents on the high road.

I accept the needs in the south of the borough mean that they should get more than their fair share of police resources but using spurious notions of the nature of the borough to get even more resources moved to the south is not acceptable.

If Cllr Olad was sending a message to his constituents in the south, he needs to be careful about using a scrutiny committee to do so.

Chair, Kilburn Safer Neighbourhood Panel


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