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Lost cat walks into police station

Musician to write book about her pet’s adventure

18 July, 2019 — By Samantha Booth

A MUSICIAN is planning to pen a children’s story inspired by the adventure of her cat who went missing and took himself to a Camden Town police base.

The cat, called Mouse, vanished last month for more than two weeks.

Police at the Greenland Road office noticed him in their smoking area one day and began to feed him.

Days later, they found a missing cat poster for a grey and white feline and managed to reunite him with owner Annaliisa Asveit.

The 34-year-old said: “It was unreal, I genuinely had already lost hope. I had been looking for him around the area for two weeks and I got a lot of false reports, so I was ready to accept that I might not get my cat back. My friends were joking that I had trained my cat really well, so that if he got lost then he should report to a local police station. I cannot believe my cat did that.”

PC Julia Ryland helped reunite the pair.

On finding Mouse, she said: “It was meowing and seemed hungry. I went to go and get a little pot of tuna from the fridge and it wolfed it down.”

Mouse is not microchipped but a PCSO saw the missing cat sign on Camden Street with Ms Asveit’s number on it so was able to track her down.

Ms Asveit, who lives in Lyme Street, now wants to turn Mouse’s travels into her first children’s book.

The former stray cat made her house a home five years ago after he started following her and then she fed him quiche.

“It would be a funny story about a cat called Mouse and his adventures,” she said.

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