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LTNs address some important issues here

15 October, 2020

• WILLIAM Miller is quoted as saying: “All it has done is push traffic through Arlington Road and Gloucester Crescent, and it doesn’t solve anything”, (Calls to reverse low traffic scheme on ‘gridlock’ roads, October 8).

Not true, as the imposed Arlington Road area traffic scheme has six changes. The physical restriction added to prevent traffic cutting east through Jamestown Road was always going to inconvenience many motorists. So I expect they will look for alternative routes.

Mr Miller might be surprised to learn the improvements have had a positive impact at the Mornington Crescent end of Arlington Road.

By restricting traffic access to Mornington Street at the junction with Albert Street, and preventing traffic cutting north from Arlington Road at the junction with Delancey Street, it has resulted in a 50 per cent reduction in traffic volume using the southern end of Arlington.

This has been a hotspot for road rage incidents ever since the junction of Mornington Crescent and Arlington was narrowed 10 years ago; but when vehicles, including bike hangers are parked on both sides, there is insufficient space for a two-way traffic flow system to function. LTN measures address some important issues here.

Mornington Crescent, NW1


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