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Lucy Popescu’s theatre news: Love, Genius and a Walk; Curious; Feathers; Sprint Festival; The Market at the End of the World

16 September, 2021 — By Lucy Popescu

Curious is at the Soho Theatre

LOVE, Genius and a Walk by Gay Walley explores how art and marriage can make challenging bedfellows. Gustav Mahler, world-renowned composer and conductor, wants his wife to be his muse. He turns to renowned psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud for guidance. Meanwhile, a modern couple’s life mirrors that of Alma and Mahler’s, except she is the striving artist while her commercially oriented husband confounds her with his thoughts on art. The two stories twist and turn through the quagmires of love and genius, set to the sweeping music of Mahler. At Theatro Technis September 22-October 17.

Curious, written and performed by Jasmine Lee-Jones, is at Soho Theatre until Oct 16. Set against the sprawling backdrop of urban London, Jaz is in her second year at drama school and tired of performing. When she stumbles across a piece of forgotten history – her life is changed forever… What does it mean to find yourself? Especially when it seems the world you live in is set against you doing just that? Curious is described as a frank, funny and moving excavation of the lives of two actresses who are young, black and queer.

• Gutter Street’s new play Feathers, written and directed by Leo Flanagan, will be at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre from Sept 21-25. A compelling drama set in a dystopian state where a compulsory draft sends young people off to fight a mysterious war for an uncertain cause. Siblings Kaleb and Cecily are “Feathers” – secret objectors defying an all-seeing government. The pair hide out in their family’s bookshop, hoping to go on the run and find sanctuary in the north. But the final visitor to the shop is an army officer with beliefs of his own. When does patriotism become ignorance, and morality become cowardice?

Sprint Festival at Camden People’s Theatre continues with Charlotte McShane’s one-woman show, An Intentionally False Statement, about the false statements we make and whether they’re doing us any good. 7.15pm, Sept 21; For a Palestinian, by Bilal Bilal Hasna and Aaron Kilercioglu, explores the true story of Palestinian poet and translator Wa’el Zuaiter. Bilal ventures through the orange groves of Jaffa, the piazzas in Rome, and the shisha bars of Edgware Road, piecing together his life, and asking what it means to be a Palestinian in the West. 7.15pm, Sept 22.

• The Crick Crack Club presents The Market at the End of the World on Sept 23 at Kings Place. They promise miracle cures, dodgy deals, ersatz goods, jellied eels, prime cuts, bargains galore, something for the weekend and horses with teeth that need checking twice. Performance storytellers TUUP, Sarah Liisa Wilkinson, Daniel Morden and Clare Murphy will combine grown-up fairytale, global myth, and urban legend. Tickets:


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