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Lucy Popescu’s theatre news: Nightshade; Village Wooing – a Comedietta for Two Voices; Better Than Sex; Meat Cute; Social Distancing; Mischief and Mayhem

13 August, 2021 — By Lucy Popescu

Better Than Sex – at the Cockpit Theatre

• The British Youth Music Theatre’s Nightshade (performed by a cast of 11 to 25-year-olds) will be at the Bridewell Theatre from August 13-14. An epic adventure set in the gothic metropolis of Valeria, it’s a comic-book musical about darkness and light, revenge and redemption, and one girl’s fight to uncover her true identity as residents of the city are hit with a strange affliction. Visit:

• The Camden Fringe continues at the Etcetera Theatre with comedian Suchandrika Chakrabarti’s show I Miss Amy Winehouse. Chakrabarti spent her youth partying in Camden, but never got to meet her musical hero. She explores celebrity, the absurdity of grief, and the wonderful joys that Camden at the turn of the century had to offer. 9.30pm, August 13-14, Village Wooing – a Comedietta for Two Voices by Bernard Shaw is a knockabout battle of the sexes in which “A” is trying to get on with his work and his somewhat dull life, but is continually interrupted by the inquisitive “Z”, another passenger on a cruise liner. The next time they meet in a village post office, A fails to recognise Z, but soon finds her inescapable. 1.30pm; 3.30pm, August 15-19.

Village Wooing – a Comedietta for Two Voices
at the Etcetera Theatre

• At the Cockpit Theatre, Better than Sex is a one-woman cabaret starring Bella Bevan, reflecting on the infamous 1930s sex-symbol, Mae West. 9pm, August 12-14. Inspired by Goethe’s classic play, Fester is the story of Faust’s Gretchen. 4pm, August 13-14.

• At the Hen and Chickens Theatre, Meat Cute, a comedy written and performed by Bibi Lucille, follows 23-year-old Lena who attempts to turn Tinder dates vegan. The show explores themes of identity, self-realisation, feminism and belonging through eccentric pop music, and Brechtian storytelling devices. 7.30pm, August 15 -17.  Lady Ilari’s Drawers, written and performed by Ilaria Passeri, is about identity, dead guinea pigs, a Scottish mum prone to naked cooking and an errant Italian father. 7.30pm, August 18-19.

• Tommy Papaioannou’s Social Distancing will be at Camden People’s Theatre, 9pm, August 17-19. Set in a surreal future world transformed by plague, the play explores our relationship with social media and each other. It is the story of X, a man “cancelled” from the internet, banished to a state of virtual social distancing, who spends his days constructing a new narrative about himself in order to be accepted back into the internet community. It’s an absurdist take on the toxicity of the online world and the divergence between our “perfect” online identities and our flawed real-world selves.

• Dirty Feet Theatre will be at Little Angel Studios, 6pm & 7.30pm, August 17-20. Their show, Mischief and Mayhem, is a long form poem exploring the current ecological crisis, consumerist culture and more from the perspective of four pissed off, ancient fairies.


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