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Macaws and effect: Meet the parrot man of Primrose Hill

Chucky Yi takes his birds for a fly in the park every afternoon

26 June, 2020 — By Bronwen Weatherby

A PARROT owner seen flying his pet birds on Primrose Hill every afternoon says the macaws have changed his life.

Chucky Yi has taught Sonic, Phoenix and Rio to free fly across the park and return to his call.

He also has an African Grey parrot at home, Henry, which he took care of after his mother died seven years ago.

“I wasn’t that into birds at the time but Henry had learned to talk in my mum’s voice – so I couldn’t sell him or give him away and decided to keep him,” he said.

Mr Yi, 36, said he opposed the clipping of wings and has taken courses on how to look after the birds properly.

“Macaws are the third most popular bird to buy but they are one of the most rehoused because if you clip their wings and don’t fly them they tend to scream and make loads of noise, because they are meant to fly,” he said.

“They have the intelligence of a four-year-old human being, they are very clever.”

Mr Yi, who lives near the park, added: “These birds have really changed by life, I used to smoke 35 cigarettes a day and eat unhealthily but since getting them I quit smoking and have lost loads of weight.”

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