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Major changes are planned under the guise of the virus crisis

02 July, 2020

• SUDDENLY, under the guise of Covid, huge changes are planned for the lives of residents in Camden.

Whether they actually have anything to do with Covid is open to doubt.

In the area where I live changes are taking place to traffic flow, some good, some – in Prince of Wales Road for instance – disastrous for residents.

At the same time the government is asking, or telling, local authorities to loosen up licensing conditions so that alcohol can be sold (and drunk on the street) until 2am or later.

Further disaster for those who live near licensed premises and have struggled over the years to keep licensing within decent bounds.

Please, Camden, consider these changes carefully and do not be steamrollered into actions you would not otherwise have considered.

Or would not have considered without full and meaningful consultation with your local constituents.



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