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Man taken to hospital after brick ‘fell on his head’ in Camden High Street

Pictures from the scene show a large piece of stonework where it landed after the man was struck

20 April, 2020 — By Bronwen Weatherby

An ambulance outside the former Sports Direct building

A MAN has been rushed to hospital after a “brick fell on his head” while queuing for food on Camden High Street.

The incident happened just after 11am today (Monday) and was witnessed by a number of people who were also waiting to enter shops amid the coronavirus lockdown.

Chanika Benjamin, 32, said she saw the incident take place from the opposite side of the road where she was in line to enter the Post Office.

“Looking across the road I saw a big brick fall onto an older man and he fell over,” said Ms Benjamin.

“He was out cold for a good few minutes and a few of us around started ringing the ambulance.

A large piece of brickwork on the ground in Camden High Street

“When he came around he tried getting up, he was crying and said he was in a lot of pain and the security guard advised him to stay lying down. He didn’t really know what had happened to him.

“About ten minutes later the ambulance arrived, they helped him stand up and got him into the back of the van and five minutes later they drove off with him.

“It was really horrible. He was only standing there because of social distancing and then a brick fell on his head.”

Pictures from the scene show a large piece of stonework on the ground outside the building at the junction with Delancey Street, previously home to Woolworths and later the discount retailer Sports Direct.

Planners have agreed the site can be turned into a new hotel.

A London Ambulance Service spokesperson confirmed a crew took an injured man to hospital



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