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Many suffer with HS2

09 August, 2019

• HAS anyone noticed how most politicians and councils are jumping on the climate change bandwagon, yet refuse to condemn the catastrophic impact of HS2?

Camden, and much of the country now looks like a war zone (suffering more damage from HS2 than Hitler managed to achieve during the World War II).

If Boris Johnson has any conscience, he must cancel HS2. As with a tainted business, if it continues, HS2 will be a blight on this government’s integrity, reputation and honour, for years to come.

Not only has HS2 caused unbearable suffering, unhappiness, and serious loss of quality of life to so many ordinary people but, along with austerity, it has contributed greatly towards immense human misery, fear, upheaval, and distress, choking pollution, loss of wildlife and natural habitats.

So why are HS2 being allowed to pollute and swindle us of our land, parks and open spaces through stealth and theft? It would be a lot more helpful if we didn’t have to suffer the hypocrisy of promises to plant thousands of new trees.

If HS2 weren’t so busy destroying the trees we already have then they wouldn’t need to plant so many new trees.

Unfortunately we can’t afford to be tolerant, polite, and follow proper procedures any more (which HS2 don’t bother to do themselves), especially if we are to protect our young and vulnerable against HS2.

Nevertheless I wonder where these greedy few think they and their own children will escape to (and spend their filthy lucre) when the environ­mental consequences of their actions start to catch up with them?

So wake up prime minister, you’ve got children too. So if only for their sakes, have the guts to stop HS2 now, before it’s too late!

Parliament Hill Fields


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