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Married thanks to a midnight mistletoe miracle

The bride (and groom) wore jogging pants as couple beat the Tier 4 clock for Xmas wedding

24 December, 2020 — By Tom Foot

Phoebe Corrigan and Jordan Warner tie the knot (just in time)

A COUPLE whose wedding looked to have been cancelled by London’s move into Tier 4 were married in “a Christmas miracle” late on Saturday night.

Phoebe Corrigan, 32, and Jordan Warner, 30, were due to tie the knot in Burgh House in Hampstead on Sunday until Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement of a virtual lockdown.

Devastated, Jordan made a series of desperate calls to Town Hall officers who sent two emergency registrars, with just three hours to go before the new restrictions came in at midnight.

The couple wed at Burgh House

The couple sped across London from a park in Walthamstow to exchange rings in their jogging bottoms and trainers without a dry-eye in the house. “It’s so corny, but quite frankly, it is a Christmas miracle,” Jordan told the New Journal.

At the time the couple thought they had to get married this week or they would not be able to legally travel to Hong Kong, where they are about to start a new life together.

The new Mrs Corrigan Warner, who works for the Save the Children charity, said: “We were supposed to be emigrating this week, but I couldn’t go without us being married. Jordan had been out there for four months and had only just come back last week for the wedding. If we couldn’t get married, Jordan might have had to quit his new job and our new life together abroad would have been off.”

Jordan said: “I called Burgh House and they said if I could get an emergency registrar they could do it that night. I hung up and called Camden Council and just pressed a load of numbers – eventually I got this lovely lady called Sue, she was almost in tears herself. “I begged her but she said ‘don’t hold your breath’.”

He added: “I poured two big glasses of whisky. We were in tears, so we went for a walk in the park. It was muddy and rainy and horrible. It was so dark. Then – at 6.50pm my phone went. It was the head registrar at Camden Council and he said ‘we are going to get you married’, get yourself to Burgh House for 8pm. They put two lovely ladies in a cab from King’s Cross.”

Burgh House in Hampstead

Jordan described how the couple then had a sprint to get to Hampstead, adding: “I’m just glad to say there were no police on the North Circular. Phoebe’s mum came down in her full wedding outfit, but we were literally wearing leggings, jogger bottoms – caked in mud – and identical grey sweatshirts.”

“Everyone was just sitting there crying. The registrars were saying it was the first time they’d married anyone in trainers.”

Jordan said: “Really we can’t say thank you enough to Burgh House and the council. Both could have just said ‘sorry, it’s too late’. We are now sitting here with our wedding rings on – and the notion of starting a new life together is the best thing ever.”

“Those random souls, they’ll never realise how impactful they’ve been.”

The couple are now expecting to fly out to Hong Kong when the new UK travel ban is lifted.

Phoebe added: “I can’t believe I didn’t end up wearing my wedding dress. And I can’t believe I got married in my leggings. But that’s just 2020 for you.”

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