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Meaningful Ways to Help Care Workers

09 October, 2020

In light of the pandemic, everyone has had to step up and work together to keep each other going; there have been some people who’ve had to go the extra million miles: the keyworkers on the frontline.

Everyone in the healthcare sector has worked tirelessly to keep working, looking after people who were already unwell, and dealing with the influx of patients due to the pandemic, as well as keeping everyone safe – all without taking a breath.

If you are wondering how to give something back to these remarkable people that may be friends of yours or family members, then take a look at the suggestions below.

A Heart Felt Thank You with a Smile

It’s a simple enough gesture that can mean so much when it is genuine and heartfelt. A small note or letter can brighten the toughest day. Don’t just think of the hospitals either; care homes are often going unnoticed through this, but the staff are also working just as hard to keep their staff and vulnerable residents safe.

Let a healthcare worker know how much of a difference they have made and how appreciated they are. There is a burden on the healthcare system at the best of times, and now they are facing unprecedented levels of stresses and strains; giving a little acknowledgement can go a long way in making someone’s day.

Food, Food, and More Food

The language of care workers has always been food. Any nurses’ station or breakroom has always been filled with tubs of chocolates, sweets, and other edible gifts from patients as a thank you gift for their care.

Now with the pandemic, some places are discouraging this type of gift-giving, but that doesn’t stop you from making a hamper of snacks and easy to eat food during a hectic 14-hour shift for the healthcare worker that lives down the street to show your appreciation.

Gifts and Treats

As with anyone who needs a bit of TLC, we often turn to gifts and treats to help those who need it feel loved and cared for. Care workers are no exception in this case! There are some great generic ideas for small gifts such as hand moisturizers and face masks for those who are working tirelessly. Still, if you want to give them a little more leeway with their treat choices, a gift voucher is the perfect option – that way they can either get a fancy coffee that isn’t from the work vending machine, a meal that is cooked by someone else, or even a well-deserved massage. covers these options, and then some – so let your imagination pick the perfect choice, so they can choose what they will want.

Handwritten Note or Artwork

There is seldom anything more special than a handwritten note or homemade artwork to show someone they matter, and for care workers, this is no exception. Whether the artist is a child or an adult, just having those physical reminders of appreciation and the great work they are doing can often keep them going and remind them how important they are.


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