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Memories of Martindale…

Memorial recital for legendary organist and choirmaster who helped to transform the church’s music tradition

11 May, 2017 — By John Gulliver

Legendary organist and choirmaster Martindale Sidwell

LOYALTY, pride and affection – these are the words that come to all those who knew or felt linked to Martindale Sidwell, who became a legend as an organist and choirmaster, principally at Hampstead Parish Church.

Hundreds sang under his direction over more than 50 years, one of music’s perfectionists.

His achievements – founding the London Bach Orchestra, the Hampstead Choral Society and the Martindale Sidwell singers – not to mention his duties as a professor at the Royal School of Church Music, explain why the evening memorial recital tomorrow (Friday) at the church in Church Row is such an auspicious occasion.

Though he died in 1998 at 82, I expect many in the audience will still have fond memories of a man who helped to transform the church’s music tradition.


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