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Military veteran, 88, stabbed while saving young woman from attack

Pensioner says he "disabled" one attacker, before being slashed with knife

05 February, 2018 — By William McLennan

Police praised the man’s “extraordinary bravery”

AN 88-year-old military veteran who was attacked with a knife after stopping a young woman being harassed has been commended by police for his bravery.

The pensioner said that he was slashed in the hands and arm when he tried to intervene in Raglan Street, Kentish Town.

The man had left the Royal Free Hospital, where he had been recovering from his injuries, on Tuesday evening and made his way to a public meeting on knife crime that was taking place just a few hundred metres away.

He told the meeting: “I saw a woman being confronted by a group. I went up to them and said ‘Leave her alone’. They said ‘I’ll take your money instead’ and I said ‘No you won’t’.

Immediately my senses went on to full alert. I was in the SAS, so I was prepared for what might happen. One of them started punching me, I disabled him with a couple of blows. The other one then brought a knife out and started to stab me, so I was fighting one physically, one with a knife.

“You might say I shouldn’t have intervened. On the other hand I saved her life, you might say.”

He was given a rapturous round of a applause by the meeting and was commended by Detective Inspector Will Lexton-Jones for his “extraordinary bravery”.

Acting borough commander, Nick Davies, addressing the pensioner, said: “Very well done, thank you.”

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