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Monopoly street art painted across Camden Market Hall building

Opinion divided on choice of artwork and location

03 June, 2018

Camden Market is asking for opinions on the new mural

THERE was a mixed reaction to a new mural in Camden Town this weekend after a famous artist painted a Union Jack and the Monopoly board game mascot onto the side of the market hall near the Lock.

Alec Monopoly took to a cherry picker to reach the top of the landmark building, which was opened in 1991 and is home to an indoor market. He regularly paints ‘Mr Monopoly’, originally known as Rich Uncle Pennybags in earlier editions of the game, and has worked across the world.

The artist’s website said: “His adoption of the board game character Mr. Monopoly as his mascot was inspired by the stockbroker Bernie Madoff and is intended as a criticism of the billion-dollar bailouts and deregulation associated with major banks.”

Camden Market asked for opinions on its social media channels, describing the artwork as “controversial”.

Around 2,000 users on Instagram hearted a photo of the mural, but not all of the commenters were enamoured with the building’s new look.

“I don’t get the message considering it’s one of the only original places remaining in Camden that hasn’t been destroyed for high street chains or overpriced flats,” said one message.

Another added: “Please tell me this s*** isn’t permanent. Please tell me this is a joke.”

The market areas around the Lock are currently undergoing their biggest facelift since the creation of Camden Market in 1974 with work well under way on the Hawley Wharf site on the other side of the road.

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