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Moped muggings issue is now at crisis point

23 November, 2017

• THE issue of moped muggings is one which residents of NW3, and Camden more widely, are sadly all too aware.

Unfortunately most people either have had experience of it themselves or know someone who has.

Earlier this year my friend and colleague Henry Newman was a victim of a moped mugging while he was reporting fly-tipping to Camden Council.

Sadly on Sunday night I, too, had my own experience outside the Royal Free Hospital where I had been visiting a friend. I was waiting for a bus when two guys came around the corner, mounted the pavement on a moped, and tried to snatch my phone.

The experience was unpleasant but I am fortunate that I was not harmed nor had anything stolen from me. Others are not so lucky.

The police in Camden are just not taking this issue seriously enough, nor are they responding adequately to residents’ concerns.

At a public meeting held in October with Borough Commander Catherine Roper there was palpable anger at the lack of answers and action being taken on this issue.

Of course, we all should remain vigilant, but we cannot allow ourselves to be cowed by the threat of criminals rampaging our streets that we dare not take a telephone call or answer a message while walking down the road.

The issue of moped muggings is now at a crisis point and action must be taken to crack down on it.

Conservative candidate for Hampstead Town


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