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More media lies from South America

07 February, 2019

• PROTESTS outside of two media centres of media in Camden. In December a protest outside of The Guardian/ Observer headquarters against misleading reportage on Venezuela and Brazil.

In February another protest outside the BBC with similar concerns. In both cases the participants believe that, despite the pretence of balance and neutrality, these media simply reinforce the dominant views of western governments about Latin America.

The “liberal” The Guardian and Observer have sided with Juan Guaido, the self-proclaimed president of Venezuela, alongside Bolton, Trump, Hunt et al. The BBC similarly gives out biased news about a Maduro presidency and builds up the profile of the opposition.

Little attempt to explain the unprecedented rate of inflation in Venezuela and a virtual silence on why the new president of Brazil Bolsonaro will open up the Amazon and its peoples to exploitation.

Untrustworthy reporting reminds us of Robert Fisk’s description of news pool reporters living in the hotels of Iraq and Afghanistan simply regurgitating the propaganda of the corporate media.

The media are just now cautiously unpicking the lies, money and manipulation of the Brexit contest. We cannot wait for another Chile before we do the same with change in Latin America. Look out for more protests against the media in our borough.

Spencer Rise, NW5


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