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Move a bus stand for a so-called ‘streatery’?

31 July, 2020

Slip road used by the 168 bus

• I AM dismayed at yet another proposal to remove the 168 bus stand from the South End Green slip road to facilitate a so-called “streatery”, (‘Streatery’ set for South End Green slip road, July 27).

It is evident the proposal has been made without consulting either Transport for London, responsible for agreeing changes, or Cricklewood garage that provides the buses, or the drivers themselves.

They could not be diverted to use the 24 stand on the other side of the road because these huge vehicles could not negotiate the left-hand turn at the bottom of Pond Street; and if they went into the 24 bus stand they would be blocked in by those vehicles.

The only alternative (which was considered before) would be for them to continue down Constantine/Agincourt Road, turn right at the traffic lights and come back up Fleet Road, where they would need to park somewhere by the stop already in use for vehicles on the 24 route to stand before entering the proper layby.

I am sure the residents of Fleet Road would welcome this, with the road already full of parked cars and potentially up to three more additional double-deckers outside their houses.

I have already written to the manager of Cricklewood bus garage about the number of empty route 168 vehicles going to and from the garage via the Whitestone Pond and Heath Street, often in opposite directions at the same time, in off-peak hours and even passing each other in Heath Street.

The drivers need to change over, but not the vehicles and I have questioned this wasteful use of resources and unnecessary additional traffic congestion.

Thurlow Road, NW3


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