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Move to block licences for pubs with patio heaters

'Just having a heater for tobacco addicts doesn’t seem to be reasonable'

08 November, 2019 — By Richard Osley

Licensing chairman Richard Cotton

LICENSING chiefs are discussing a new policy to stop pubs and restaurants from using patio heaters due to the climate crisis.

Labour councillor Richard Cotton, the new chair of Camden’s licensing committee, told a meeting earlier this month: “I don’t think we should be giving a licence to people who have patio heaters. I’m all in favour of people sitting outside in the summer but just having a heater for tobacco addicts doesn’t seem to be reasonable.”

Camden is currently devising new policies on the tables and chairs that businesses are allowed to place on the street, but councillors discussing proposed changes wanted to expand regulations to the heaters and A-board advertising outside shops.

Lib Dem councillor Tom Simon said some of the heaters that used “infra-red” technology were less harmful to the environment.

Town Hall licensing director Jamie Akinola said: “My own view is, and forgive me if I sound like a paid-up member of the pro-business lobby, it’s an opportunity to strike a balance in a policy framework which continues to allow businesses to use heaters but then has licensing conditions that talks about or requires them to move away from gas or the use of any other fossil fuel which many will frown upon.”


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