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Mum: Holloway stab attack has made me ‘feel unsafe’

Woman knifed in front of toddler son tells court of impact as man is sent to jail

20 September, 2019 — By Calum Fraser

Christel Stainfeld-Bruce and her son

A MAN who stabbed a mother as she pushed her sleeping son home in a pram has been jailed for four years and eight months.

Ismail Musa, 26, of Tollington Road, was sentenced at Blackfriars Crown Court where it was heard that his attack on Christel Stainfield-Bruce was part of a “pattern” of attacks where he “targeted” several vulnerable women before.

Mr Musa stabbed Ms Stainfield-Bruce in Caedmon Road, Holloway, after trying to steal her phone as her sleeping toddler lay in the pram by her side in June this year.

“This was a truly horrendous and terrifying experience for her,” Judge Mark Weeks said. “Being stabbed in the leg and bleeding on a London street, one can only imagine what she must have been thinking.”

Prosecution barrister Adam Budworth des­cribed the attack as “motiveless and senseless and gratuitous”.

In her victim impact statement, nursery teacher Ms Stainfield-Bruce said the attack had made her anxious and plunged her into depression.

Ismail Musa

Speaking of the impact on her life, she said: “The children’s behaviour and their crying is making me anxious. I feel unsettled and unsafe.”

She added: “I worry for the safety of my young children.”

Mr Musa pleaded guilty to wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm (GBH) last month.

The court heard he had a string of previous convictions and an “antecedent history” of targeting women.

In 2015 he startled a woman by kissing her on a bus in Holloway Road as a distraction tactic before stealing a bank card.

Last year he attacked another woman on a bus at 3am, again in Holloway Road. This time he grabbed her and she believed he was trying to “drag” her off the bus, the prosecution said. He was charged with theft for both of these cases.

Defence barrister Sean Smith said Mr Musa felt remorse for the Ms Stainfield-Bruce incident.

“He viewed his lifestyle as worthless and shameful,” Mr Smith added. “He wished he had stabbed himself that day.”

Mr Musa suffers from several mental health issues including dependence syndrome and anxiety, the court heard on Friday. He will have to serve two-thirds of his sentence before he is up for parole and Judge Weeks added a further three years to his sentence to be served on licence out of prison.

Ms Stainfield-Bruce’s family did not wish to provide any further comments on this case.


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